Holiday Blues & no more than 3 weeks..

So the worst part (by far) of going on holiday, is coming home and having to start back at work. 🙁 But somehow, I’ve managed to combat that in a rather brilliant way! 

You see, with everything that has happened with mum etc etc, I didn’t take much annual leave in the first half of the year, and so I now don’t work more than 3 weeks and 3 days before I am either off work or something lovely happens… as follows:

Back to work Monday 14th September, then only just under 3 weeks until we away for the weekend to the Warner Brothers Tour / Oxford weekend. When we get back, there will be only just over 2 weeks until Miss Elizabeth Fox comes over from Alabama to visit us 🙂 .

Then after the wonderment of that, there will be just over 3 weeks and then I will be off for a long weekend and then after THAT… it is just over 3 weeks until I finish for Christmas on the 18th December. Phew – so at least if the first half of the year was tough and without too much respite, that should change for the rest of 2015. 

M and I have realised that we can’t leave it so long next time before we have a real rest. I know some of it couldn’t be helped and I guess you can live and learn. 

Roll on Harry Potter!!!! 🙂 

G x 


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