Do I need to focus?

So I have been using this blog for approximately 5 months and I think so far, so good. I create an entry every time something significant happens or if I go somewhere interesting and I think this methods works for me. 

Although, something that is niggling away within me is, “Do I need a focus?”. Basically, should my blog have a main topic? A lot of successful bloggers concentrate their efforts around one topic like beauty, baking or technology and it has made me think that I should do the same – problem is, I don’t think I can narrow it down. 

I do bake – but I am lapsed. I do LOVE technology, but don’t have the funds to buy new stuff all the time to review. I DO wear make-up, but…. see technology. So maybe categories is the way to go, then I can continue to post about what interests me and people can choose to view whatever they are interested in. 

I also don’t write this blog with a million readers in mind, I write it to make ME happy and to sometimes just express how I am feeling at a certain point in time. I vlog and blog to also record what is happening in my life as I have always been one of those people that likes to reflect and look back.. 

So one change that I am going to make is that I am going to start releasing a video on my YouTube Channel at 18:00 every Monday. I think this will give me a real focus and drive to put something together as, I am really enjoying YouTube at the moment. 

I blogged and vlogged from 2009 until 2013 regularly, as I wrote a blog for our dog Peggy and I did it from her perspective. This was LONG before vlogging was a thing and I always loved creating. When Peggy died in 2013, I stopped and couldnt really find my grove again for a very long time. I had couple of false starts and it was only when mum became terminal, that I really felt the need to document how I was feeling. Since she died, it has also still continued to help me focus my thoughts and almost release the internal monologue that is in my head. 

Apart from anything else, I am a chatty person and love people – so even though I write for myself, I am also always glad when people gain some comfort or help from anything I have posted. I blog, vlog and tweet – ask me anything…..

G x 

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