New mattress

So yesterday we took delivery of a brand new mattress and let me tell you, it was NOT before time. We have thought we needed a new one for a while and I wasn’t convinced, but after 5 days on the lovely, comfy beds in Anglesey and one uncomfortable night back at home, my mind was made up. 

So we went shopping and found ourselves in “Dreams” which is a national bed and mattress shop and I was AGHAST at the flipping prices of things. Mattresses started at £400 and went right up to £2,500!!!!  Dreams also have a new campaign which advises that you should change your mattress every 8 years and seeing as we have had ours 17 years.. then maybe our purchase was  a little overdue. 

Anyway, the mattress was delivered yesterday and Dreams charged us £38 for delivery and “installation” – utter bunkum…. two lads took it upstairs and plopped it on the divan base. But all looked good and I made the bed and thought I would have a glorious night’s sleep – I couldn’t have been more wrong 🙁 

However, the sleep I had – or didn’t have, was nothing to do with the new bed arrangements, it was simply that the bad dreams that have plagued my slumber since mum died, returned in abundance last night. 2 dreams, one about me losing my hair and another one where people keep coming to me to tell me mum has died, and it feeling like I am hearing the news afresh each time. 

I was subsequently awake on and off all night and eventually got up early for a shower. Ho hum.

Let’s hope the day improves. 🙂 

G x 

p.s. the new mattress was VERY comfy and well worth the money  – sometimes, you do get what you pay for. 

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