2016 – The Year of All the Things..

polltracker2-largeSo yes, today is the day that Donald Trump became the next President of the United States. Am I American? No. Then why does it matter to me? It matters because come January, this guy will be in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the world. They have so much wealth, firepower, influence and well, enemies that it’s very important someone sensible leads the people and makes the decisions.

What the US does on a domestic level doesn’t affect me, but what they do internationally, well that’s another matter. Since the 90s a certain phrase was coined about the UK having a “Special Relationship” with the states but we have to now wonder how long will continue.

The politics aside, I just don’t like Donald Trump as a person and I certainly don’t think that he is very “presidential”. I do of course, only know what I see in the media, but my impression of him can be summarised as the following:

  • He seems to thrive on being famous and abuses his power when it comes to people of the opposite sex.
  • He contradicts himself, flat out denying saying something that we have video evidence of.
  • He is racist and his statements about banning Muslims and building walls are terrifying.
  • His statements saying that women that get abortions should be punished are archaic and dangerous.
  • He lies. Too many examples to explain.

It just seems that American’s have really missed an opportunity to progress into the 21st century, instead I fear they have regressed with their choice of leader. The children of today so far have seen a black man in charge of their country and that is their normal. This same man is going to have to hand over to Donald Trump, who called BO a terrorist and who was endorsed by the KKK. How can that be good?

I am sure Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but then what politician is? Both have faults, but from an international perspective, I would have felt much more reassured had the USA picked their 1st female president. The children would have known that there is no glass ceiling and that their gender shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. I now have no idea what’s going to happen. Will the UK BREXIT? Will DT lead the USA into a total meltdown? Who knows?

BUT, so I won’t totally remember today as a disastrous turning point, I want to share a few things that have gone really well this year:

    • The Rio Olympics and Paralympics – let’s not forget people, we came 2nd in the medal table in BOTH events. National pride right there.
    • We have our 2nd female Prime Minister. I don’t agree with her politics, but it’s kinda cool that we have another female role model for our girls to look up to.
    • I made a new online friend this year, which had turned into an offline friendship. That’s totally a new thing for me and I’m pretty chuffed about it.
    • My Skelmersdale Team 42 won a national Prince’s Trust Award for Community Impact. See their story below:

    • I have continued to love living in Newton-le-Willows. There is such a feeling of community, really supportive.
    • Portugal – I visited for the 1st time in September and it was MAGICAL… can’t wait to go back…

  • Finally, I got to 40 subscribers on my YouTube Channel…. fancy making it 41?
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So yes today feels like a bleak day as we have all got no idea how things are going to go, but we will all carry on. One day at a time. Chin up people, life is great and not even Donald Trump can change that.

G x

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