Snow in N-le-W

Oh wow, so the most exciting thing that has happened this weekend is that we have had SNOW in Newton-le-Willows. Snow is something that we always get very excited about as it’s a rare phenomenon around these parts and also, I think it reminds us of being kids. Everyone can recall a time in their youth when they made their first snowman or skidded on their first patch of ice. LOVELY. 

Depending on how you look at it, we are lucky where we live in the UK as we are quite sheltered weather wise. To the west of us are the Welsh mountains and to the east of us are the pennines, which does sort of mean we are at the bottom of a rather large valley and therefore we are protected from very harsh weather. The last time I can really remember the snow being really bad was over Christmas and early January in 2010/11. It snowed for almost 24 hours and then melted, which made things very slushy. However, it then froze again and on Boxing Day everywhere was treacherously slippy and my dad fell and broke his knee!! 

About 1 – 1.5 inches fell yesterday,which is manageable and no more is forecast, but I still love looking at it, especially if I’ve nowhere to go! 

Then of course there is this brilliant throwback from January 2010….


Gill x 

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