Iron Men at Crosby Beach

Oh we did have a wonderful time yesterday as we decided, as you might have gathered, to go and see the Iron Men at Crosby Beach. “What’s that?” I hear you ask yourself, well they are an art installation on Crosby Beach in the North West of England: 

I found some information on the Visit Liverpool website here: which explained all about the men, how to get to them and even where to park (L23 8SY). They have brilliant document too, which you can download here. Which tells you all about the Iron Men which are actually a piece of art  called “Another Place” Brilliant. 

It took us about 45 minutes to get there and BONUS, it was free to park! However, as we arrived at about 11:30, the tide was in and we couldn’t even SEE the beach, let alone walk on it: 

But there was a concrete path that we could walk along right next to the beach, so we headed off.

As we walked further up the beach I noticed a few things. Firstly there were MANY people out, despite the cold weather and lots of them had really serious cameras – no iPhones at Crosby just lots of DSLRs!

Also oddly, there were lots of people with very tiny dogs! I saw at least 4 pugs, 3 sausage dogs and a variety of other “handbag” dogs! However, there were some very cool and athletic spaniels and labs to balance things out – love to see them playing fetch with a ball in the sea! 

As we walked further along the coastal path, the tide slowly started to go out and we did manage to get on the beach and get up close and personal with the Iron Men themselves. There are many more on the beach (the first one we met was number 64) than I expected and they go out quite a way. Up close they are rough iron and some people even take the time to dress them…. 

I thought the whole thing is magnificent and I definitely want to go back when the tide is all the way out and perhaps it’s a few degrees warmer! As you may have gathered I did get a chance to try out my new camera and I think that I managed to get some cracking shots! Even some selfies and pictures of the two of us..

We were starving when we had finished our walk so we decided to go to the Bottle & Glass in Rainford for something to eat. I had Lamb Shank Cottage pie with minted mash and M had good old Fish & Chips followed by Creme Brûlée. The food there is always delicious and they have an open fire so it smell just lovely as you walk in.  

The one thing that did promote quite a discussion for M & I as we ate, was the actions of a family that sat down fairly close to us. It was a family of 5 adults and 3 small children. I reckon the children were aged between 3 and 6. As the family were seated, the 3 children were sat next to each other on one side of the table and in front of each of them was placed an iPad on a stand by one of the adults. 

The iPads presumably were given to the children as they sat down to  “babysit” them and keep them occupied whilst the adults were eating. I find this really sad that this meant that not only did none of the adults speak to the children much, but the children didn’t really speak to each other. I could see that one of the children was just playing Angry Birds over and over again and the only time he spoke was to tell his mum what he wanted to eat. 

There is nothing wrong with iPads – but M and I have rule “no tweeting whilst you are eating” and I think if we had kids, that rule would continue to apply. Conversation is a lovely thing, it’s how people bond and stay bonded. There was also another family sat just behind us with children the same age – no distractions, just all sat eating together as a family. Surely that’s better? 

Gill x 



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