Things you see at lunchtime

So my office is in Liverpool City Centre and I have to be honest I very rarely venture into the shops – for many reasons. One reason, being is that I think I would be skint and I have to be honest and say the main reason is, is  that I don’t know Liverpool very well and my dodgy sense of direction might mean that in the measly hour I’ve got, I would get hopelessly lost! 

But this lunchtime I did manage to go for a walk as far as Church Street

As you can see from the above image, it’s just an 8 minute walk so it really doesn’t take too long at all! 

But here is a list of the the things I saw on the way: 

  • 4 x homeless people asleep on cold concrete
  • 6 x charity collectors “can I have 30 seconds of your time” 
  • A woman throwing her Greggs pasty wrapper on the floor about 3 small footsteps from a bin. 
  • A large group of French tourists getting very excited and giddy about EVERYTHING they were looking at. 
  • On old man, waiting nervously trying to cross the road with lots of people jostling past him and knocking him this way and that. 
  • 3 x people selling “The Big Issue” – 2 of them having a HUGE row and the last one without any legs.
  • 2 x people giving out Christian literature – looking totally bored and frozen to death. 
  • A closed Kardashian “pop up” shop?!
  • A man busking who was playing the saxophone so well, I thought it was a recording – but not a single person was giving him any money. 
  • A homeless charity stopping to give the man selling The Big Issue who was in a wheelchair, some food and a hot drink. 

I promise you that I saw ALL of this whilst walking between my office and Marks & Spencer during 1 single lunchtime. I live in a small, friendly place and it’s easy to forget the mass of diverse people that can be in one city. It also breaks my heart that people have to sleep rough….. 

G x 

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