Back to work depression

Not sure now is a good time to write a blog, but seeing as this is my online diary, then why not. The reason why I think now is not a good time, is that I am feeling a tad blue. I have been off work since the 18th December, which is 2 full weeks and it’s been glorious. 2 whole weeks of rest and relaxation, the like that have not been seen since the Summer of 2014.

Oh I have had my allotted annual leave like everyone else, but with everything that happened last year, I never full felt rested. This Christmas break has been the sort of antidote to all that and I really do feel recharged. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking LOVE my job, but it’s still nicer being at home wth my lovely husband with literally nothing to do. It’s the early mornings that get me – my body clock just isn’t naturally set to start at 6:35am. 

I have had 2 periods of time when I have been out of work and both those times I stopped using an alarm clock. Also, both those times, I naturally went to bed around midnight and got up around 9am. I don’t think I get much more sleep when I am not working, everything just moves forward a couple of hours. 

I am also feeling a little bit like billy no-mates as I have texted a couple of people over the Christmas break and they just haven’t got back to me. I know I am very very sensitive about this, but still. Of course, on balance, a couple of people have got back to me – but like most human insecurities, I am just focusing on the negative. Hey ho. 

Well back to work tomorrow and ready for whatever lovely things 2016 have in store for me. But first a brew – yes a brew always makes things better doesn’t it….



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