Valentines Day -no thanks..

So on Sunday it’s Valentines Day, which is traditionally a day for love and romance. Or is it? Some people regard it as purely a “Hallmark” holiday in that it’s something a greetings card company made up to sell said cards. I sort of agree with that and I sort of don’t. 

When I was single, Valentine’s Day was EVERYTHING!!! The tension and excitement of getting a Valentine’s Day card was almost euphoric and if I ever DID get one, then I thought I might explode!! The first card I ever got was from Stephen Ainscough when I was 10 years old, he left it in my desk at school… awwww….. However Valentines day has never been very kind to me and the highlight was usually getting a card from my dad. What a loser. 

However, I DO have valentines story which leaves me feeling embarrassed and mortified even now…. here is my video explaining the whole sorry scenario…

So as you can see, Valentine’s Day for me was either total embarrassment or abject misery. You would think that things would have improved when I met my Prince Charming… i.e. my husband, but sadly not. 

In October 2003 I started to “see” Michael and all was going well beyond Christmas and approaching the fateful day. The 14th February arrived and he did buy me a rose and we had lovely plans to cook a romantic meal together. But that didn’t happen. What actually happened was that we got one of those horrible calls to dash to the hospital mid-afternoon because my Grandad had collapsed. He passed away before we got there. 

So you see, Valentines day means nothing to me, nothing fun anyway and I am pretty lucky because whilst my husband isn’t a full-on romantic, he is VERY thoughtful. When we lived in our old house the bedroom and bed could get quite cold in the Winter. At bedtime, I would sometimes come into the room after brushing my teeth to find him lying on my side of the bed, warming it up for me. Now that right there is Love. 

Happy Valentines Day y’all. Hope you have a good one. 

G x  

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