Ace Weekend!

This weekend was pretty epic, and I have to say right now I am suffering from a case of the Monday blues. You see we decided that this weekend on Saturday M would decide what we did all day and I would get to decide what we did on Sunday. Here’s what happened:


The day started as we met M’s parents for breakfast at ChouxChouxbedo, I had sausage on toast and the whole thing was delightful. M decided then that we would go to Delamere Forest for a walk and even though we set off in good faith, we didn’t quite make it. We were chatting away when we suddenly realised that we were heading the wrong direction on the motorway! But in the end, we decided to go into Warrington to do a little bit of shopping. We ended up in Debenhams and I treated myself to a new bag…

We also had a look at fascinators and hats ready for my trip to Buckingham Palace in May and even thought they have got some beautful ones, they have also got some REALLY ugly ones too! I would love to show you, but I have to be honest and say that I completely forgot to take a photo!! 

After shopping we came home and had what we like to call a “Twitter break” and this is exactly as it sounds. M and I retreat into our various devices and see what the world of social media has to offer. I think I also might have had a little nap too!**

M made us a gorgeous pasta bake for tea and then we watched Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler – highly recommended if you fancy watching something daft. 


So you see, this was the day I was going to decide what we were going to do and after some thoughtful consideration, I decided we should tidy the garden…. I really know how to show someone a good time don’t I?! After the garden was looking a little more spiffy, I took us to the tip (oh the glamour) and then we just chilled out for the rest of the day in the snug. 

As you can see, M’s day was by far superior although it was really nice to be doing stuff outside on what turned out to be a really sunny day. Not super warm, but lovely and sunny! 

But either way, we had a great weekend, and it was just lovely to spend some time together. I know other couples have regular date night, which we don’t do, every so often we just a whole weekend over to us. No housework, washing or tidying, just us, spending some time together. It’s lovely and my favourite way to spend a weekend. 

G x 

p.s. note to self – take more pictures.. but in lieu, here is the bravest squirrel of all time that visited our garden yesterday.. 

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