Why do I have such horrific dreams?

I have woken up this feeling somewhat disturbed after a couple of really horrible dreams during the night. 

Unfortunately, I am very suggestible as when I watch things on the TV or in a film during the evening they often translate into nasty dreams during the night  – and yesterday was no different. I finally caught up with Happy Valley, a BBC drama written by the amazing Sally Wainwright and starring the BAFTA winning Sarah Lancashire. Before anyone panics, I am not going to reveal any spoilers, but as you can imagine the drama was intense and the violence was an ever present. subtext 

This of course meant that I had two horrible dreams last night, one where I was getting my face caved in by an unknown assailant and the second on where I was witnessing some spectators at a Warrington v Saints match fighting and … caving each other’s faces in. *sighs*

This of course, isn’t the first time this has happened, it has happened most of my life and has intensified since mum died last year. My mind whirs before I go to sleep and I usually listen to an audiobook on my iPod to help shut off the brain chatter and this works very successfully, but not sure what I can do about the vivid dreams??

Perhaps I should just watch Disney Cartoons before bed, but knowing my luck, I would probably dream about Elsa using Buzz Lightyears’s laser to gouge out Mickey’s eyes. Anyone got any useful suggestions??

G x 



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