Some days are good and some days are rubbish

Some days are good and some days are rubbish

SO yesterday I had a pretty rubbish day, not totally disastrous, but one of those days where quite a few minor things make the general mood a big bleurgh. Shall I run you through it?? 

  • When I got to the office, I found out there were only me and 2 other people in, which lends to a very quiet day. Some people might like this, but not me. 
  • Everyone that called our office was in  bad mood – spent the day dealing with either people’s grumpiness or having to tell people over and over again that the person they wanted wasn’t available. 
  • Mid-afternoon I was told there had been a crash on the M62, which is my main route home and it was closed. This meant that even by clocking off time, everywhere was gridlocked and so I was trapped in Liverpool. 

To be fair though, this wasn’t all bad as I went to Liverpool One for a brew and a cup of tea and some shopping. I found this dress which is quite a possibility for my little visit to Buckingham Palace in May!!! 

  • Also late in the afternoon I found out that my lovely work friend has had to unexpectedly resign… it was such a shock to find out and I feel so sad for her. I loved working with her and she will be much missed 🙁  
  • When I got back to my car in the car park, some IDIOT had parked so close to me, that I couldn’t actually get in my car. I had to get the super-slim car park attendant to get in and back it out. I was SO  not impressed.  
  • When I got home, M told me that a lovely couple that we know have split up!!! 🙁 

So you can see that I felt that I spend the whole day either hearing bad news or dealing with bad things. I was bloody glad to get in bed at the end of the day. 

Today was much better though… got to see 2 amazing Community Projects and even got my photo taken at one!!

So you see, every day, clean slate.

G x

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