Boots Splurge & I suck at Eye liner!

So for some reason I found this week quite tough. I felt tired all week and before I knew where I was, I found myself in Boots spending WAY much more money than I intended! I went it with a shopping list which was:

  1. Beauty Blender
  2. Eye liner
  3. Ear buds

What I actually got was this:

  1. Real Techniques Stippling Brush – £11.99
  2. Max Factor Eye liner – £6.99
  3. Frizz Ease Curl Mousse – £6.00
  4. Real Techniques Beauty Blender – £5.99
  5. Max Factor Black Kohl Eye Liner – £4.99
  6. Boots Bobbles – £2.80
  7. Vaseline Rosy Lip Balm – £1.95
  8. Boots Ear Buds – £1.40


As you can see, I did get what I wanted, but I also splurged a bit on other stuff to make myself feel better and for once, it worked!! Retail therapy for the win! 

I have always worn make-up, well from being about 15, but more recently, I have started to experiment, after I realised that I have wearing the same style of makeup for about 10 years!!!! I have been really loving the winged eye liner look, but I really don’t possess the skills and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get it right!! You will see from the above I treated myself to some new eyeliners and here are my attempts at makeup – I should just point out that I am 42 this year! 

The Kohl is on the left eye and the brown is on the right. I think I prefer the brown. 

G x