Meeting Helen Worth (aka Gail from Corrie)

So I had an exciting day last Monday as I worked on an event with work as I staffed an airstream trailer which has been travelling the UK collecting memories of 40 years of The Prince’s Trust. We parked the trailer on the piazza at Media City in Salford. For those of you not familiar, Media City is where the BBC moved to around 2011 and it’s where Coronation Street is now filmed. More of that in a sec. 

So I was supposed to be at the bus for 8:30am, but despite setting off at 7:30am, traffic and roadworks conspired against me and I was less than 6 miles away from home after an hour! So i turned around and went home for 35 minutes and set off again at 9:05am, reaching the bus by 9:45! It was all systems go as we had lots of people coming to visit, young people helped by the trust and businesses that have been started with our help. 

Then of course, we had our celebrity ambassador Helen Worth who has played Gail on Coronation Street for as long as I have been alive! She came across to the trailer and spoke to our young people for about an hour. She was SOOO lovely, I mean really really nice. She chatted easily to the young people making everyone feel at ease and she looked genuinely interested in everything they had to say. That’s a real skill.

She was particularly interested in one of our young ambassadors Kris, who went through our Enterprise programme to set up his own business Little Finn Productions. She had a really good chat to him and was enthralled when he went on to perform a 5 minute sketch based on his experience with the trust. 

I am now Helen Worth’s biggest fan, she was also TINY and I felt like I could have put her in my pocket. What a legend… I mean I haven’t watched Coronation Street for years, but who cares… i loved her….

Then of course, Helen offered Kris from Little Finn a guided tour of the Coronation Street set, including being able to watch them film some scenes! 

We won’t mention the fact that the entire Metrolink tram service broke down at 11:30am on the day and so Media City was devoid of visitors or the fact that it got colder and colder throughout the day culminating in pouring rain by 3:00pm! 

Oh well…. on to the next one!

G x