The Queen’s Birthday

Oh what a lovely afternoon I’ve had, even if I have spent the afternoon tinkering with gilliblogs and watching the Tea Party on the mall which is part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.


I really am royalist, although this isn’t always such a popular opinion, but not sure I really care what other people think. 😉 The Queen is 90 and the Duke of Edinburgh is 94 and contrary to some people’s belief, I do not think they have had an easy life. It’s true that the live in the grandest house and castles in the world and have servants and no financial worries, but their lives have experienced hardships and sacrifice, just not in the way most of us do.

Imagine having to speak to endless people, day in, day out, smiling when this does not reflect your own mood and if you deign to have a sick day, this makes the national news. Imaging never being able to retire or ever say publicly what you really think. Your life is simply not your own. There are times when I personally am very glad I get to shut my own front door and have a couple of days not seeing or speaking to anyone but my family, but the Royal Family never, ever get to do this. No privacy, never alone. I would find this very hard.

But all this aside, I throughly enjoyed all the people and hampers and guardsmen and bagpipes and it made me very proud to be British.

Happy Birthday 90th Birthday your Majesty. Long may she reign.

Gill x

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