Brexit – Ding Ding All Change

So politics isn’t something I would ever normally blog about, but it’s hard to ignore at the moment. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will all be aware now that after a referendum that over 70% of the people in the UK participated in, the UK has voted to leave the European Union. I don’t mind telling you that I personally voted to remain in the EU, so the result not only came as a shock, but also as a disappointment to me. 

My main fear, selfishly, is for my job. Either my jobs, organisations or both over the last 8 years have all been funded by European Funding and so the possibility of this being withdrawn does cause me some concern. 

The other things that have happened today is that the 1st minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has stated that, as Scotland voted to remain, they would be seeking a 2nd referendum to split from the UK. Sinn Fein, have also said they would like a referendum to seek to remove the separation of Northern Ireland to create a united Ireland. ALSO our Prime Minister, David Cameron has resigned. Big Day. 

I felt quite down for most of the day, because if nothing else, there is now a huge amount of uncertainty about the future of the country that I live in. There has been much scaremongering, but in truth, no-one knows what’s really going to happen. 

But I have hope – we have coped with worse things and we will cope with this. I’m a positive thinker and the country voted for it, so it’s what we’ve got. A whole new world – or passport – or something.

G x