Keswick Adventures

Oh what a wonderful day we had on Saturday as we went up to Keswick for the day. I decided that we should have an adventure as the weather forecast predicted Sun on Saturday and then more rain on Sunday. So I decided to pick a few places to go and pick one out lucky dip style. If you wanna see, check out my vlog:

We did of course have every good intentions of setting off at 8:30am, which did mean that we were on the road by 9:30am! It took us about 1hr45 to get there and we parked here:

It was quite expensive to park, £7 for 6 hours, but there is little alternative on a busy Saturday. We had decided en-route that we were going to go for a walk around the lake, which actually isn’t a lake but Derwent Water and let me tell you, it was just beautiful.

There is a whole huge walk around the entire lake, but we ended up walking out for about an hour until we reached a clearing and then we turned around again. Keswick was very busy as expected in the first week of the school holidays but there were certain parts of the walk that we were entirely alone and call me selfish, those were my favourite bits. I love walking in places where it feels like there is just M and I – makes me feel like we are walking in our own private garden… or lakeside!

There was a clearly marked path around the lake and on a different day, I think we would have walked much further. Maybe next time.

Anyway, it was market day in Keswick and I got this brilliant T-shirt..

Most appropriate I think – p.s. have you seen my YouTube channel yet?


Gill x

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