Grumpy People

Grumpy People

Today has been a really odd day with highs and lows of emotion. Thankfully though, it started off quite badly and got better as the day went on. I was working from my office today, which is in Liverpool and I leave for work at about 7:30am. This morning I called into my local Spar store for some provisions and this is where I encountered the rudest women.

I was stood in the queue waiting to be served, there was one lady in front of me, a gent and another woman behind me. As the lady in front got served, the woman behind me started huffing and puffing before starting loudly “Shelia, come on, you know some of us have got to get to work” The lady in front seemed to know the woman behind, although I got the impression not that well and they had a small discussion where the impatient women revealed she worked in Woolston and started work at 8:00 (it was about 7:40).

I was next to be served and this went off without incident and I left the shop to get in my car. As I turned the corner the impatient women barged past me, knocking me a step to the side. She did so on purpose and didn’t look back. “Excuse me!” I said, and she turned around and shouted “You just heard me say in the shop I have to get to work”,  I was shocked, “That is no excuse to push past someone” I told her, “Well YOU should walk faster” she shouted. I muttered the word Rude to myself and got in the car, I watched the woman speed off without her seatbelt on, genuinely wondering if something so horrible had actually happened at 7:45 am?

THEN, when I got to work I witness a colleague publicly berate her co-worker for absolutely nothing, then when she realised I had seen, she whipped around and gave me the fakest smile and a “Morning Sweetie” Urgh.

BUT this afternoon I got to do a lovely thing. The Prince’s Trust has some awards called Celebrate Success and I volunteered a while a go to help with the organisation and nominations. So this afternoon i got the brilliant job of calling the nominees that had been selected as finalist. One mum cried and another person was so dumbstruck that he said nothing, but then texted me such a sweet message of thanks, that I cried.

I really do love my job and sometimes when people are being grumpy, the young people that I work with show such promise and determination that I feel very humbled. They can have the most heartbreaking lives and cope with much more than thankfully most of us ever encounter. So I guess we have to remember:

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  1. 10th August 2016 / 9:35 pm

    Ewwww I hate people who are already grouchy before 9am. I mean come on, the day has JUST begun! Nobody wants to be dealing with a bear with a sore head all day. As for barging past? There is NO excuse for bad manners!

    I’m super glad your day went better though, it sounds like it ended on a huge smile which is all that matters. 🙂

    Tilly |

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