What a Week..

It’s a very rainy Friday here in Newton-le-Willows and after a full day of work emails and reports, I am more than ready for the weekend. I’ve had a decent enough week, with a strange confidence wobble early on in the week. 

I won’t bore you with the gory details, but something happened that sort of shook my confidence a bit – don’t worry it wasn’t anything bad and everything righted itself very quickly, but my achilles heel was prodded and it made me feel a bit weepy. 

I also had a trip over to Glossop this week to see my friend Karen. Karen is someone that will NEVER see this blog as she doesn’t really get on with technology, but I love her dearly non-the-less!! She used to be my manager when I joined GMCVO in 2007 and when she left we just remained friends. I often think it’s such a shame that she lives so far away (Glossop is is 74 mile round trip) as I think I would see her much more often. As it is, we see each other every month or so and invariably go out for lunch or tea. She and her husband Ian are a little older than me, but it doesn’t seem to matter as we have always got on really well – age is only a number after all. 

At work, things are temporarily very quiet as The Team Programme (which I look after) doesn’t run any Teams for young people during August. Traditionally August is a very quiet month as all education provision stops, so I am just currently treading water until things resume in September. 

I also went out for lunch with my lovely work colleague Felicity. We both work on Team and because she works in Merseyside and I work in West Lancs & St Helens, then I hardly ever see her. But she is in the same situation as me and so we will be in the office together a little more than usual over the next few weeks (yay). 

Then of course M’s dad is still in hospital.. as I type that, I am not sure I have told you all that so far? But he had a major op last Friday that saw him in surgery at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital for a 5 hr operation! He is a real advert for keeping yourself in good nick, as at 83, he has bounced back with bountiful alacrity and he is right on the verge of coming home. Relief all around. 

This weekend, the weather looks a little miserable, but I think M and I are going to make adventures anyway – even if it’s just to the cinema to see Finding Dory! 

Early next week I have little YouTube collab in the diary — so keep you eyes peeled to my YouTube channel for that!

Anyway, hope your week has been a good one and do leave me a comment if you have been up to anything exciting! 

Gill x 


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