I just LOVE Strictly Come Dancing

I have written a blog post every year for the last couple of years about SCD as I freaking LOVE it! I mean I LOVE everything about it, the sparkles, the music, the SCD band, the judges – everything! In a post from 2014, I talked about going to see SCD filmed TWICE in 2011 when I was lucky enough to get tickets for 2 recordings at Television Centre in London. Now I know you are thinking “Recordings?” “Isn’t’ SCD live then?” – -well yes it is, but they record the launch and the Christmas show and those were the ones I went to see. 

I remember being sat in a hospital waiting room and jumping for joy when the email notification of tickets came through. No-one else in the waiting room was the slightest bit bothered and I was thrilled to bits! The ticket process is pure lottery as a couple of hundred thousand people apply for tickets with only a few thousand being successful – so to get 2 x tickets in one series was unbelievable! 

On the actual day at Television centre we nearly didn’t get in as the ticket we got said doors opened at 6pm and recording at 8pm. So with the anticipation of a queue we got there are 4:45 – only to find that we were the very last ones to get in. They over allocate the tickets and somehow everyone else knew that! 

We had to hand in our mobile phones to the TV Centre security and in our finest bib and tucker, we entered the hallowed building. We waited for what seemed like forever and they started to call ticket numbers a section at a time as they sat people down. M and I knew we were one of the very last so had a serious conversation that if only one of us could go in, it would be me and he would go to the nearby shopping centre, get a coffee and and wait. 

Our time came.. “Can we have one final set of white ticket numbers 230 – 265”, we looked down and we had ticket numbers 264 and 265. We were in by the skin of our teeth! What followed was the most magical couple of hours sat in the upstairs seats behind Len, Craig, Bruno and Alesha. The warm up man was hilarious and got us all singing “Build me up Buttercup” and then just before they started Brucie came out and got a member of the audience up dancing. 

We were sat right next to Tess Daley’s area (as it was then) and I am pleased to tell you that Tess Daley is even more beautiful in real life! The celebs and professionals were matched up and the group dance at the end was magnificent. There wasn’t a musical guest as Dolly Parton had been in earlier to record something as she was touring and was on stage elsewhere. 

I had the best time and was genuinely gutted when it was over. I was on a high for weeks! 

So you can imagine my surprise 6 weeks later when I got a second allocation of tickets to go and watch the Christmas special being recorded! This time I took my mum and it was no less wonderful. Our seats this time were on the ground floor behind all the friends and family of the celebrities. We were on the back row, but it didn’t matter – it was still thrilling. As it was recorded, we the audience got to vote the winner by handing in voting papers – I could have stayed all day. The musical guest was Shakin Stevens and I was in my element singing Christmas songs in the 3rd week of November! 

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were moved from the back row to the front row to fill in some vacant seat and I nearly ate my handbag to find I was sitting right next to the one and only Brendan Cole! I was on the telly during the closing credits of the Christmas Day special, happily clapping away after they presented the trophy! 

You have your religious edifices my lovely readers, mine is the Glitterball. Bring on Strictly Come Dancing 2016!

Gill x 


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