What does your perfect day look like?

Something you may not know about me, is that I can be a bit of a fantasist/dreamer. I love to imagine what life would be like if we won the lottery or if we could have superpowers or if we could time travel! The latest topic swirling around my head is me wondering what my perfect day would look like. 

The rule for discussion are that you can be anywhere in the world, travel to anywhere in the word instantly and have anyone present – past or present. After some serious thought, here is what I came up with:

I would wake up in a luxurious private villa with Michael in somewhere beautifully warm. Our view would be of the ocean. We would have a light breakfast sat on our deck, looking at the view. 

Quick shower and then someone would come and do my hair/makeup/nails etc etc. 

We would then take our dog for a walk along the beach, ending with a private performance by Justin Timberlake and Tennessee Kids. 

By 4pm M and I would be having a massage and more pampering with snacks of chocolate covered fruit and walkers crisps! 

For the evening we would be transported to a snow covered log cabin and it would be Christmas. There would be twinkly lights everywhere and a log fire. We would be cosy and warm and all our family would be there, including my mum and all my grandparents. We would have a lovely Christmas dinner with a fantastic table full of puddings for dessert. After a quick dip in the hot tub, we would finish with a cup of something hot and a huge fireworks display. 

So that’s mine – what does your perfect day look like? Why not take to your social media and tell me using the #myperfectday 

Gill x 

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