Taking a little break from YouTube

So if you’ve visited my blog before or even if this is your 1st time, you may have also noticed that I have a YouTube channel

But I have decided to take a little break. This has come about for a few reasons, firstly because I am tired. M and I haven’t had a holiday at all this year, admittedly we had a night away in Chester for his birthday, but this doesn’t really count in terms of a vacation. We have had our annual leave and did have a few days away in the Lake District booked for June, but as I was so unwell, we had to cancel. Boo Hiss. 

So it’s actually a whole year since M and I have been away to stay somewhere and I fear we have again, left it too long. We did the same stupid thing last year, but it be fair, my mum had terminal cancer and then died, so we had other things on our mind. So yes, I am tired. 

Another problem that I have is quite a tricky one to solve… it’s that I struggle to find collaborators. I have tried to make connections, but for various reasons, this just hasn’t worked out.  My 2 really good friends live far away and most of my family either just don’t want to be involved, which is fair enough, or they simply don’t want their face on the internet – also fair enough. The exceptions to this are my lovely husband who is always up for a bit of YouTube nonsense and then my sister-in-law Ali, who can be persuaded from time to time. 

So  I decided with all this in mind, to take a little break. I started YouTube as a fun thing and I don’t want to to become a chore. I want to make fun content and that will only come if I am up for it. Literally. 

So I will be back in a couple of weeks and my target it to get to over 40 subscribers before the end of the year. 

See you soon  G x 

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