23 things kids of today wouldn’t understand

This year I am going to be 47, which to be honest I am pretty proud of. I have always viewed age as a privilege and never as something to be ashamed of. But it did occur to me the other day that there are loads of things growing up that kids today haven’t got any concept of. So here we go:

  1. When I went infants and junior school, all children were given a small bottle of milk to drink at morning playtime. One of the the jobs that was associated with this, was milk monitor. If you were milk monitor, you were responsible for giving the kids in your class milk and the blue straw, which would be poked through the foil top on the milk.
  2. Playing out, meant having specific boundaries and places that you weren’t allowed – this was in the local area though, not your own back garden.
  3. Music was either on records or on tapes. It would be common to stick your finger/pen in the hole in the tape to wind it back up if it came loose.
  4. TVs didn’t have remote controls
  5. Some TV’s tuning knobs were labelled 45…50…55
  6. TV went off at midnight.
  7. There would be video tapes in every household, labelled with something like “Dad’s or “Mum’s”. One would have the football or snooker on it, the other would have Coronation Street and/or Peak Practice on it.
  8. Michael Jackson was just the best thing ever! No-one thought he was weird.
  9. Children’s TV started when we go home from school and ended with Newsround just before tea was ready.
  10. Tupperware parties were a real thing.
  11. Spanx were not a thing, but panty girdles definitely were.
  12. Women were not allowed and certainly not welcome in some pubs. If they were allowed, they were only really welcome in the “lounge”.
  13. Prams and buggies were regularly left outside shops whilst the mother went inside.
  14. It was common, after Wimbledon, for kids to take up playing tennis in the street for 24-48 hrs.
  15. As I grew up and HIV became more known, there was generally at least one person/kid/household that become know was a person that had AIDS.
  16. Kids wearing NHS glasses were sometimes issued with a plaster to go over one of the lenses.
  17. The vidi-printer was something that when watched, we all tried to say the weird team names after the announcer- i.e. Queen of the South, Airedreonians etc etc.
  18. Kids were only given gifts at birthdays and Christmas.
  19. Only a men understood the pools and ALL Grandads played ”spot the ball”.
  20. On Friday nights, various people turned up to the front door to get paid, ie. window cleaner, pop man, paper boy etc etc.
  21. I was regularly tutted at by various mothers for not liking Jelly. Rowntrees Jelly was the only pudding available at kids party’s in the late 70s and early 80s.
  22. Dad’s didn’t go into to the supermarket, they waited in the car until the end when heavy bags needed carrying.
  23. Supermarket checkout girls (they were exclusively female) used to have the price of every items in the supermarket memorised and use to ring them through the till at a million miles an hour.

I am sure there are a lot more, but these are my favourites… ♥️ Bring on 2021.

G x

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