6 tips to help you feel confident in your clothes

6 tips to help you feel confident in your clothes

I have always been a person that struggles to keep my weight in a healthy place – my entire life, it’s been something I worried about much more than I should. However, to stop it burrowing a deep hole in my tiny mind, I have come up with a few strategies to help me feel on confident on the regs, no matter WHAT  the scales say. 

So for me, it’s always how I feel in my clothes that bothers me, I hate them feeling tight and if I don’t feel comfy then it’s impossible for me to feel confident, sexy and if I am honest, to enjoy my day. So here’s my tips to feel fab in your clothes: 

  1. Have a wardrobe clearout. If there are things that you have in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for over a year, donate them to a charity shop. I know that in the back of your mind, you are thinking “I will keep that piece because it’s nice and it might fit me again soon”. But here’s the thing, it’s true that if your weight changes, it might fit you again, but what’s also true is that every time you open your wardrobe, you are reminded by some of the things in there, that they don’t fit. No-one wants a disappointed sigh when they are choosing clothes! GET RID 🆗 My compromise, would be to pick your favourite outfit out of all the ones staring at you that you don’t wear and donate the rest. Let’s face it, if you ever did change your body shape, you are more than likely going to enjoy shopping for some new stuff! 
  2. Have a honest conversation with yourself about size. I know that over the years I have been SO many different dress sizes and I feel more comfortable in some than others. BUT no-one in the world needs to know your size and once you have your clothes on, not a single person in ANY day will ask you what size dress you are wearing. So my tip here would be, buy the size that fits you, even if it’s not the one that you feel comfortable at. This goes back to the first tip, that you must always strive to buy/wear clothes that make you feel like an utter legend, every single day!
  3. One big thing that I try not to do, it’s speak negatively about myself. This is my toughest challenge to be honest. But… I try not to say that my hair is a mess or my clothes look sh*t as words matter and if you hear them often enough, even from yourself, you might start to believe them. If I heard someone tell my friend their outfit was awful, I would JUMP to their defense pretty damn quick. So why would I say those things to myself. But I know it’s hard if you are in that headspace to find one thing you like, but it can just be something small like your earrings or your little thumb nail. Positivity spreads. 
  4. Ignore trends at ALL costs. There comes a time in your life, age irrelevant, where you realise what suits you and trends are exactly that. For example, I have hooded eyes and the current trend for winged eyeliner has seen me try SEVERAL times to perfect the flick, but always failing miserably. So earlier this year, I let it go 🐸. Work out what suits you, what makes you feel awesome when you put it on and go with that. 
  5. Never keep clothes for “best”. So I know this might be controversial for some of you, but I rarely keep clothes for best. If I love something, I just wear it. Obviously I keep things appropriate for the setting I am in, but I don’t leave a perfectly good dress/jumper/pair of jeans in the wardrobe for the right occasion, I just bloody well put them on. I might fall under a bus tomorrow and then I might not ever get a chance to wear it! 
  6. The final tip I think is the most important. Ignore Social Media. Everyone just posts their highlight reel and with the help of filters, excellent light and picking 1 “best” photo out of 100. It’s all too easy to look at your own face, look at social media and feel like you don’t measure up – but believe me you do. you 1000% do

It all starts with a smile, so even if you don’t feel like it, smile for a few seconds. I sometimes do this and if I look in the mirror (lets be honest phone camera), I look so sarcastic – which then makes me do a genuine smile 😛. 

So there you have it, as always, I would love to hear any tips you might have for walking with confidence. 

G x 

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