7 things I buy to make myself feel healthy |Getting Healthy

7 things I buy to make myself feel healthy |Getting Healthy

I’m not gonna lie, I have struggled to be fit and healthy my whole adult life and yesterday I re-cycled my Apple Watch and bought a FitBit. It occured to me then, that there are many, many, MANY things that I have bought over the years to make myself feel healthy, whilst not always being healthy…. How many can you tick off?

  1. Yoga Mat – Yes, definitely got a yoga mat stored safely on our top floor, having being used by me 3 times in 4 years.
  2. Fitness Equipment – In the same vein as a Yoga Mat, I have been the owner of a wide variety of weights, kettlebells, Ab Rollers and there might have even been a treadmill in our house for a hot minute. Used sparingly.
  3. Fruit – I buy tons of fruit every single week in our grocery shop and I only ever eat 1/2 of whatever I buy (if that). Every week I put it into the basket vowing that I will eat 5 a day…… I never do….
  4. Health Apps – On my phone there are currently 5 health apps. Apps to help me to train doing intervals, tabata, run, walk and yoga. I walk the dog every day, but otherwise my exercise is pitifully nada.
  5. Subscriptions – Every do often I get suckered into one of those Instagram ads or similar that show me a cool 30 second video of someone like me getting fit and I think, yep ok I will sign up. Literally the millisecond I have clicked OK, I have buyers remorse. I know deep down that I either won’t like whatever it is in reality or I can’t justify/afford the monthly payment. They all get cancelled – ALL of them.
  6. Steps Tracker – I’ve had quite a few health or steps trackers over the years. As I mentioned earlier, I have had an Apple watch for a while, but I am now rocking a FitBit…. make me feel better to at least be making a small effort to monitor my steps.
  7. Weight Watchers – This one is quite hard to admit as it’s a bit embarrassing. I have been a member of WeightWatchers or WW as they are now called for about 20 years. I am still overweight. When my mindset it right it definitely does work for me, but this only happens for short periods of time sadly. Who knows why… but I keep the membership as, in my head, if I stop it, I will be “giving up”. Which is ridiculous but also, true. *sighs*

That’s my list – I can’t be the only one surely? Let me know…

G x

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