94 days till Christmas

94 days till Christmas

Too soon? OK yes, maybe it’s too soon to be talking about Christmas, but today is the Autumn Equinox, which google reliably informs me that today marks the day when the days and nights are the same length and from now on, the nights will get longer. Google also tells me that this isn’t really celebrated that much… can’t think why?!

I have also had confirmation today that when my new job starts in October, I will be spending most weekdays for the first month in London. This is a big deal for me and it’s as exciting as it’s daunting, but it does feel like and adventure. I have to admit, that I am going to miss my amazing M and it’s going to be odd having an adventure without him. But life and career moves forward and I am just going to have to put my big girl pants on and go with it.

So I will definitely update my blog and I might even VLOG a little to document my time in that there London,  I really just hope they can cope with my lovely Haydock accent!!


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