A better week|CoronaVirus

A better week|CoronaVirus

How has your week been? Been anywhere exciting (?!?!) hopefully not!! Today is the 5th April 2020 and its just about 13 days since I went anywhere further than my local shop and it’s 4 week son Tuesday since I did any work outside of home. Lockdown is settling into a routine for us. To update you on a couple of things from last week, my brother-in-law who has had suspected Corona, is fit and well and back at work after 7 days in isolation. We think he only had a mild version thank goodness.

M is also now working from home until this thing goes away and I am more than grateful for that. But it other news, this whole isolation thing has really forced the people in our family to embrace technology and by technology, I mean video calling – along with the rest of the world!

In the last week, we have hosted 2 x family quiz nights*, one with my dad, sister and her girls (when Rob was in isolation) and then another one with M and all his family, including his 80 odd-year-old parents!!! They were never fans of video calling as when M lived in the USA 20 years ago, they tried to video call him and there was always a troublesome time delay… but thankfully technology has moved on and with an iPad and a bit of Facetime, family Quiz night could take place!!

We have also organised to “meet for coffee” M’s parents, again testing the technology with octogenarians has been much simpler than you would imagine. It was lovely actually, we both had our hot drinks and instead of being in our favourite garden centre, we were in our living and their dining room! Not ideal, but a great substitute.

My dad has also has embraced the FaceTime thing too and so it’s been relatively easy to keep in touch with everyone.

I had a couple of days last week where I felt awful, really wobbly… mainly just feeling a bit couped up and then, of course, we had a mini-crisis when Daisy got her leg stuck in a grate!

As if what is going on wasn’t stressful enough! But I realised after this was resolved that the exercise thing is really important for me (funnily enough). So the next night I went for a long walk with Daisy and then again the following morning – of course social distancing and not going out more than once a day. I felt better and I have felt better ever since.

So anyway, I hope you have had a good week and you are able to find hope even if you’ve not.

Take Care, Stay at Home and Wash your Hands.

Gill x

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