A Day out at Dunham Massey | Days Out

A Day out at Dunham Massey | Days Out

Years ago, I started a blog to show people where they could walk their dogs, high five to those who remember Haydock Dog Blog. 😂 Since then, I have blogged about various things, but I do still very much love a day out for a walk.

Today, M and I have had a day’s annual leave, which is usual for us at this time of year. Usually we would do this at the end of the month and go somewhere Christmassy to get us ready. Of course, right now, the UK in lockdown and so the only options open to us are places to go for a walk.

So we decided to make use of our barely used National Trust membership by going to Dunham Massey. (As National Trust Members, we got free entry, but if you aren’t members it’s £8 each.) The first new thing, was that due to Covid, we couldn’t just rock up and we had to book. This was done via the NT website and was relatively easy. We booked at slot to enter at 11:30 and turned up with 5 minutes spare. The car park was a bit busier than I would have thought, but not mad, which was a relief.

There were some changes as the shop and reception wasn’t open, but the loos and cafe were open, if only for takeaways. There was also a one-way system for entry and exit to the park itself and whilst most people were observing social distancing, the path is narrow and I would worry more about this if it were busier. As you would expect, face coverings are mandatory in the indoor areas, but once out into the park, then it‘s pretty much business as usual. M and I are very respectful when walking and we always try to move as far away from people as possible and today’s walk was exceptionally good as there were LOADS of deer out in the park! It felt like such a rare sight to see them just chilling out in the part whilst the humans calmly walk past them.. I wonder what they make of us?

We walked for about a hour round the park and it was glorious. There is something about being outside, the leaves, the fresh air and basically just spending some quality time outside the house and without a screen.

We finished our trip with a traditional car picnic, which is exactly what you would expect.i.e. Home-made sandwiches eaten in the car after washed hands and ton of hand sanitiser! #2020. 🤩

In case you were thinking of visiting, Dunham is here:

Proving that even during a panedemic lockdown, it’s still possible to have a great day out!

G x

P.s. before anyone decides they want to shout at me. We remained socially distant at ALL times and wore our masks in all the right places, including as we spoke to the person in the outdoor entry booth; we are very strict about stuff like that. This couple of hours out in a country park could have literally been prescribed for me on the NHS. Did my mental health the world of good.

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