A love letter to Anglesey 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I was 36 the first time I visited Anglesey and as I have just celebrated my 47th birthday I wanted to tell you all how much I love it there. In 2010, I had of course heard of Anglesey, but to honest, geography isn’t my strong suit and whilst I knew it was part of Wales, I wasn’t sure where. But at the time we had been going to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest fairly regularly and had got a bit tired of it. So I googled “dog friendly places to stay” and lo and behold a perfect, dog friendly set of cottages in Anglesey came up. Google also told me that Anglesey was in fact just a couple of hours away and there were lots of beach and places to walk our then German shepherd x Peggy. So we booked.

We have since been going back at least once a year and we have made nothing but good memories whilst we were there. We took our 1st dog Peggy and took her photo in a frame when she was no longer with us. We took our 2nd dog Daisy and adapted our cottage to suit her needs when she was very poorly. M and his family came with us and we celebrated his 40th birthday in Anglesey and it was the first place we visited after my mum died.

Over the years we have sort of selected our favourite places to visit and even though this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what that lovely island has to offer visitors, these places have become our happy places:

  • Newborough Beach – One of the most popular beach on Anglesey as it has a huge car park, toilets, food trucks and a huge forest to walk around. It’s got a lovely long walk to Llanddwyn Lighthouse. Fun fact, the first time we made it to the lighthouse, O2 texted me “Welcome to Ireland”!!! Even though I was stood firmly in West Wales!
  • Moelfre – a cute little town with a marina and our newly discovered fave Anne’s Pantry (great breakfast!)
  • Cefni Reservoir – This is very close to the cottages that we stay in. There are a couple of small car parks and it’s just a lovely circular walk around some water. M in particular, loves to run around it – he says it’s about 6km.
  • Cable Bay – This is a c-shaped bay with a shingle beach. There is a medium sized car park (which only takes coins 😞) and after you’ve checked out the beach there is a headland you can walk on which links to Broad Beach.
  • Broad Beach – I have only just learned the name of this beach, as my photo location on my phone told me! We actually call it the Oyster Catcher beach as we usually get to it via path behind a restaurant called… well the Oyster Catcher! 😂 This is beautiful enormous sandy beach which is usually quite quiet. When we visited a few days ago, the sea looked green and I was captivated.

    Our top tip for accessing Broad Beach, is to take advantage of the free parking at the Oyster Catcher here:

Walk to the back of the building, down the left hand side and then you will see some paths that lead over the top of the sand dunes. Follow any one of these paths and on the other side of the sand dunes is Broad Beach. Totally dog friendly and the only downsides is that the sand dunes can sometimes be a bugger to get up and down… or maybe that’s just me?!

There are SO many other places I could recommend, Beaumaris for a start is the prettiest town to visit with some lush shops, cafes and of course Beaumaris castle. We just love it all. However, one of the reasons we kept going back was that we found the perfect accommodation for us. It was in Capel Coch, right in the centre of the island and about 10-12 minutes drive from Llangefni. Close enough to civilisation to get milk, but far enough away from most other things to experience true quiet. But guys, sad news, the place we stay is up for sale as the owners have decided that they finally want to retire. Genuinely gutted. Can anyone lend us £1.4 million?

Anyway, we love Anglesey…. If you haven’t ever considered it… why not try it out.. this post isn’t sponsored… we just love it!

G x

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