A Quiet Christmas Break | A Day in the Life

A Quiet Christmas Break | A Day in the Life

Well hello, 2020! The start of a new decade and a world of possibilities – or just the transition from Tuesday to Wednesday – whichever you like.

I have been fairly quiet both on this blog and on social media for the Christmas period, withdrawing completely for a wee while and then just posting sporadically, whilst not actually sharing that much at all compared to normal. I have felt quite tired with one thing and another, I did a lot of travelling in December and then, of course, there is the mess that is/was Brexit.

After the general election on the 12th December, it winded me. I realised that unwittingly I had curated my friends and social media pals to only include people with the same sort of world views as my own and therefore I was sort of convinced that the Tories would be ousted. When they were voted in, I was gobsmacked. I felt out of touch, disappointed and sad quite honestly.

So when I finished work on the 20th December, I sort of shut up shop. Came off socials and withdrew. I should apologise to anyone that I perhaps should have caught up with on my time off, I, unfortunately, didn’t have the energy.

But what I DID end up doing was a sort of ping pong between dog walks 👣 garden centres ☕ eateries 🍳and family 👪 .

I posted on Boxing Day that I was hoping to get out loads, but this just didn’t happen. We went somewhere almost every day but stayed fairly local. Daisy dog’s Cushings Disease means she doesn’t have much energy, so when we tried to take her on a small adventure to Pennington Flash, she walked for a reluctant hour, but it zonked her out for the rest of the day!

We did have a few significant events happen though, firstly, our Fridge Freezer packed up after 15 years of loyal service. We bought it after we moved in together and quickly realised that my ancient under counter fridge (that came with my then house) could no longer keep 2 x people’s food cold! We have a new one coming today actually, but buyer beware, Currys are charging us £35 to have the door open the opposite way to normal, despite it only needing the screws moving to the opposite side! Cheeky buggers.

In other news, I ordered myself a new car, which is coming in a few weeks (dead excited). I also sold my old car, which means for the 1st time in years, I am without my own transportation! I never really wanted to be 18, so that I could drink, I always wanted to be 17 so that I could drive as I knew it would give me freedom… so I can’t wait to have my own wheels again…..

But overall, this Christmas break has been quiet and wonderful. I haven’t seen many people, but M, Daisy and I have had some quality time together. Played games, gone on walks, marvelled at everyone’s Christmas lights, watched some fab Telly, eaten some lovely food and rested so wonderfully every day. It’s been GLORIOUS.

I am starting work again for 2020 on Monday and part of me is looking forward to it and part of me is constantly wishing for a lottery win and a Caribbean cruise!

Welcome 2020, let’s make sure we have fun together 👯

G x

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