Awake at 6am

Awake at 6am

Gah, I’m on annual leave, but I’m awake at 6am? Why could that be? Oh yes, that’s right, WE ARE GETTING A DOG TODAY!!!! I’m so excited and also quite nervous as I’ve never had a puppy before, the anticipation is immense.

I also can’t help but think about our first dog Peggy, who was a German Shepherd / Whippet x-breed, who we adopted in 2004, when she was 5. She was an anxious soul that caused us no end of worry, but we was also the gentlest, most sweet natured dog you could ever meet. We were heartbroken to lose her when we did, we loved her so much.

But today, as M said, we aren’t replacing Peggy, we are just getting her a sister. That makes me so happy, I could cry 😢 !

Also, please do expect me posting at weird times, as toilet training a puppy means lots of getting up during the night! Wish me luck!

G x

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