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Travelling to a foreign country for the first time since being diagnosed as Lactose Intolerant was a worry for me. I furiously worried about having to try to explain my situation in another language. So you have to imagine my utter joy when I tell you how WELL I ate in Barcelona and wasn’t poorly once! 💃

So the way I kept so well whilst being away had a couple of ingredients (if you’ll pardon the pun). 

  • In every restaurant we went to, everyone spoke English. 
  • We ate vegan wherever possible. 

I mentioned in my post about some of the amazing thing we did whilst in Barcelona, that we went on a Runner Bean walking tour. Our first guide was a lovely guy called Miguel and at the end of the tour, he asked if anyone wanted food recommendations. We asked for vegetarian and he suggest a few places and of course, we found a few places ourselves. 

Teresa Carles

So I have to start with the MOST amazing food that we ate whilst we were away and this was one of Miguel’s recommendations. It seems Teresa Carles has a small group of restaurants in Barcelona, all with slightly different styles. The main Teresa Carles one, I would say is on the same level (if not the same style) as a Jamie Oliver restaurant, if you live in the UK. 

The menus were in Spanish and English and of course as the restaurant has a healthy focus, it contained SO much vegetarian and vegan food that I almost squealed with excitement. 

Our first trip we had a small wait to get a table, but when we did, we were seated on a large table with 6 other people. This is fairly unusual by British standards, but why not eh? In terms of food, on our first trip, I had something called a Portabello Freak & Do which was a gorgeous Portabello Mushroom dish with potatoes and M had a vegan lasagna. Both gorgeous and THEN we both had vegan cakes for dessert. Pure heaven..

The food here was SO good that we also came back on our last day – the nicest food I have eaten in a VERY long time! 

Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale are also part of the Teresa Carles group  but had a slightly less formal vibe. However, the food was EQUALLY as delicious and I had a simple dish of mushrooms on toast which were cooked in Coconut Milk. I know this sounds simple, but the mushrooms tasted like the very best mushrooms risotto I have ever had! Highly recommend!! 

Chok The Chocolate Kitchen 

So of course, after an amazing meal, we had to try to have an amazing pudding and whilst on our way to somewhere else, we walked past Chok and this instantly became somewhere we had to try. 

The had a selection of Vegan chocolate puddings and we eventually went for one that we thought was pistachio, but actually was Matcha when we got it back to our hotel! Still bl**dy lovely though. 

Bacoa Burger

So yes, Bacoa Burger isn’t vegan, but it DOES have vegan options. It also has a couple of different restaurants around Barcelona and we loved the one we found here: 

They had lots of choices for burgers and the were delicious. Because they make each burger from scratch with options to add extras or leave things off, I was able to customise my meal without dairy. Plus they did actually have a vegan burger if I’d wanted. Bonus. 

The Bio Centre

The Bio Centre was another recommendation from Runner Bean and had a totally chilled and somewhat student vibe. It was dressed like you would imagine movie restaurant to be with fringed lampshades and quirky shelf decorations. So unusual. This was actually one of the few places where we didn’t take any photos of the food. Needless to say, we loved it and the food was gorgeous. 


If you live in a city or any type of densely populated area then you might have already experienced Deliveroo, but this simply doesn’t exist where we live. Participating restaurants put their food on the Deliveroo app, you order and then a rider will collect it and bring it to your door. 

This was perfect for us when we were too tired to go out to eat, a sort of happy medium between hotel and apartment living. We ordered from

The food we ordered was honestly so gorgeous that I couldn’t quite believe it. So yummy, so vegan, so much fun! 

So there you go, it WAS possible to eat healthily(ish) in Barcelona and it’s certainly possible to eat Vegan. I loved every mouthful. 

G x 

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