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Barcelona is wonderful and having just spent a week there, I just HAD to share some of the wonderful places we visited and things we experienced. We felt like we only scratched the surface, so would LOVE to hear any recommendations you have too. Comment below  👇

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia (the Sacred Family) is one of the most iconic building in Spain as well as the most visited venue in Barcelona. It was the final work of renowned architect Antoni Gaudi. There is so much to see at what is now a basilica after a papal visit and it was WELL worth a trip. We decided on a guided tour which cost us 24€ each and we loved it. The tour took about 50 minutes or so and was in English.

I personally loved the inside more than the outside as Gaudi’s work is really very unusual and I didn’t love it, but I DID love the inside as the stained glass was beautiful. 

Camp Nou

Camp Nou is the home of FC Barcelona and the 2nd most visited attraction in the city. Tickets were 25€ each and we easy enough to buy on arrival. It was fairly busy but not too mad at the time we went, but I imagine in Summer it would be HEAVING and so you might be better off going as early as possible in the morning. We paid a little extra with our tickets to get an audio guide, but I honestly don’t think we needed them as there was plenty of written information to look at.

The tour includes the museum, the away dressing room and we also got to the the stadium itself from a a few levels including pitchside and the press boxes. I am not into football at all, but it was very good tour and there was something for everyone, even me! 

Teleferic de Montjuic 

The Teleferic de Montjuic is a cable car the goes up to the Montjuic Castle. It was only 5€ each and we were able to book this in advance. Google told me that the queues could be quite busy so we decided to go early. As it happened there was hardly anyone there really, so we didn’t have to wait at all. 

There was a castle at the top which gave us stunning 360 degree view of Barcelona and we spent a happy 90 minutes exploring in the sunshine. Glorious. 

p.s. the cable car takes 7 minutes from Bottom to Top and if you aren’t a fan a heights, it goes without saying, that this might not be for you! 

I have left the very best till last……..

Runner Bean Walking Tours

M found out about Runner Bean walking tours as part of our pre-holiday research. We decided to do one on our second day and then again on our last day.  The tours are in English and last 2.5 hours and the first one we did was a walking tour of the Gothic Quarter with Miguel. It was FASCINATING and we loved every single minute of it. Miguel was able to show us around the intricate Gothic Quarter in to some of the smaller streets giving us such an insight into it’s history and architecture. 

He was funny and charming and the time passed so quickly. But do you want to know the best part? The tour is FREE!!!! The idea is that people just give the guide whatever they thought it was worth to them. It was BRILLIANT!

Miguel pointing out the Jewish Headstones that were stolen to build part of the wall!

The second tour we took was with Ana and she walked us around Gaudi’s works. This tour was also free, but we had to buy a metro ticket to help us move between the the different Gaudi houses. Ana was so smiley and the 2.5 hours went SO fast. She had really interesting facts about every house and piece of architecture she showed us – I LOVED it! The tour ended at Sagrada Familia and despite having already been there earlier in the week, she still gave us some fascinating insights into the facades.

I honestly can’t recommend these tours enough, entertaining, insightful and fun. Just the BEST was to see Barcelona IMHO. 

We booked ALL of these trips online, with the exception of Camp Nou, which you are better off purchasing at the stadium, as tickets purchased online still have to be collected from a ticket office in Barcelona. 

There was so much more we wanted to do, but just couldn’t fit everything in. As mentioned in my previous post about the technology we used whilst on holiday, we also visited the Zoo, but it was very tired looking with lots of construction. Do NOT recommend. 

But overall we loved EVERYTHING and can’t wait to go back! 

G x 

p.s why not take a look at some of the technology we used in Barcelona to make our trip even more special. 

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