Be gone Squirrels | House

Be gone Squirrels | House

One of my few goals in life was to have a garden before I was 40 and I achieve it with just about 3 days to go. I have loved playing with and in the garden, changing it around to suit my mood and one of the things I have loved it seeing it filled with wildlife.

It’s not a big garden, but it does have an enormous willow tree which covers the bottom half of it. We have recently cut it back, so at last, we have more light.

One thing we loved is when birds visit us, but one thing we have also struggled with is squirrels! Every time we put out bird food, the pesky squirrels steal it. Why not get one of those squirrel proof feeders I hear you ask, well we did and the squirrels just figured out how to get into them. One even chewed a bigger hole in the plastic so he could get his gob in it!

We have tried a few things to get rid of the squirrels, and today sees us trying I am hoping will work. I found an article on the RSPB which recommended a few things, one of which was Chilli powder on bird feed, which does not bother the birds, but the squirrels don’t like.

So I will let you know how we get on…. Hopefully, a video to follow!


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