Being a Feminist Can be Hard Sometimes

Being a Feminist Can be Hard Sometimes

So I am feminist. I am pro-women’s right, I am pro equality and more than anything, I will always stick up for women. This doesn’t mean of course, that I love all women and so sometimes, when I have a bad experience, that is particularly female, I sometimes don’t like to admit it. But I have to remind myself that woman are mostly brilliant, but not perfect – whatever that is.

The experience I had recently was to be in a room for the day with 6 women, who all knew each other reasonably well and most of which I know reasonably well too. I have a good enough relationship with them all, one of them is a little cocky IMHO and one of them blows hot and cold in her attitude to me, but that’s ok with me too.

But, after spending a day in their company it struck me that I basically wanted to hit them ALL with a big stick. The reason for this… they spent the entire day talking about dieting and men. Every other conversation was about diet shakes, calorie counting, how rubbish their (their friend’s) husband or boyfriend was and whether or not they, despite being off sugar/on a diet/being good they should have a McDonalds. Made me want to plug up my ears with bourbon biscuits.

It was like being in an episode of Mean Girls where they all judged each other on life choices and seemed to take their worth from their dress size. I mean WHAT?!  If you ever wonder why we still need feminism, then the answer, after a day in the company of these women is yes. They will never read this, but here is my letter to you:

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are intelligent. You are funny. You are a kick ass human.  None of this is affected by your weight, dress size or (believe it or not) whether or not you eat the burger you so crave. By all mean, do exercise and things to keep healthy, but don’t do it to confirm to some fucked up Kim Kardashian image of perfect. Perfect – DOES NOT EXISTS.

You can can be skinny and facially symmetrical, but be a complete cow and therefore couldn’t be less beautiful. So girls, be proud of who you are and remember that you are so much more that what you weigh. You are amazing and don’t let a number on a scale tell you any different. You are warriors.

G x


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