Birthday week update

Birthday week update

As I write this I am watching Andy Murray play at Wimbledon after a much needed day of rest. Yesterday was my 47th birthday and we are off work for the whole week…

On Monday we went to RHS Bridgewater (review to come) and then yesterday on the actual day, we went to Chester Zoo. It’s been super hot and with so much activity, my steps have been through the roof, but despite all of that, I didn’t sleep very well last night at all 😞 But back to the birthday….

Firstly, I NEVER EVER work on my birthday and with it being in the Summer months I usually take advantage of the good weather and have a week or so off. Since I have been with M, we have always had our own and each other’s birthday off… it’s just our little tradition. I don’t commute anymore, but in the earlier days, I would always say that there was “no way I was going to get up at 6:30 and wrestle with the traffic on the M62 on my BIRTHDAY!” 😂

These days we very often start birthday’s with breakfast and pressies in bed and then go out for the day somewhere. This year we went to M’s parents for a “party” – which for me meant a “picky tea” in the garden with M’s sisters, their partners and his mum & dad (Lovely) Can we talk about a picky tea for a moment. I was asked what type of food I might like for the party and I chose picky tea. I just LOVE buffet style food, the type of stuff where you can pick bits and pile your plate if you want to. Just me?

I was also asked a few weeks ago about a possible birthday 🥳 cake. Last year, we took a decision as a family, lead by M actually, that due to the lockdowns we couldn’t get together so we would forgo the traditional birthday stuff and make donations to charity instead; so that what we did. But this year…I really (if I am honest) wanted a “posh cake”. So my amazing M remembered that we had watched at Carrie Hope Fletcher video a little while ago where she had some cakes and so he ordered me my very favourite carrot cake from a company called Sponge in Norfolk- which he not only ordered online, BUT he also ordered some tiny baby cakes so I would have one by it’s self so I could blow a candle out (and Yano for Covid reasons). This is not an #ad but I would HIGHLY recommend – the cakes were delivered at the promised time by a courier and were (not exaggerating) delicious!!!! They were SO good in fact that M’s mum immediately ordered some for my father-in-law’s birthday in a couple of weeks. 🎂

I got some lovely pressies too including, plants for the garden, some AirPods, a weighted blanked, some gorgeous candles, a Chilly’s bottle and the most amazing Sonos speaker… also lots of other great things… I am very lucky 💜

I’ve had a fabulous couple of days and we aren’t done yet… catch you on the flip side..

g x

P.s. I had to buy a hat from the zoo shop when we went to Chester Zoo as I forgot mine. I said 5 minutes before we left the house that I musn’t forget it and then drove off without it. But I guess now I am 47, that’s just what happens 🙈

P.p.s massive special shout out to M. There is no-one else in the world I would rather spend my birthday with. He always makes me feel so special – Thank you. I love you x

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