Birthdays in Lockdown | CoronaVirus

Birthdays in Lockdown | CoronaVirus

Over the last week we have two birthday’s within the family. My husband Michael turned 47 and his mum turned 82. Lockdown birthday’s were definitely a new and different experience and they definitely forced me to be creative.

My husband is the kindest, most generous person you could ever mind and he felt weird about getting gifts for his birthday, so he asked his family that if they were thinking of getting him something, then instead he would prefer if they made a donation to a local food bank. I mean… he’s the best…

But I still wanted to make fuss of him if I could – so I organised a series of small suprises.

  1. The first one was simple. I got in touch with his work friends and asked the to change their backgrounds to a birthday or party theme when they were on their daily video calls the last day he was in work before his birthday. He was VERY surprised an a bit tickled.
  2. Of course, the night before his birthday, I pretended I wasn’t tired and then hand threaded a birthday banner and blew up some balloons ready for the morning. Birthday standard in our house!
  3. Also, a few days before his birthday, I got in touch with our lovely neighbours and asked them if they would very kindly, but a Happy Birthday message in their window for him. BOY did they not disappoint me!! They went above and beyond and again, he was tickled PINK!!!
  4. The final thing was that we had organised a FaceTime family get together and all M’s family wore red at my request and his mum actually wore the “family” fascinator – which was very very much appreciated!

I did make him a cake too, but it was the very definition of a cake fail! As it turned out it tasted OK, but looks AWFUL! I was going for a buttercream, drip cake type of thing.. .which I did… but only if you imagine someone basically flicking watery buttercream at a chocolate cake and then drizzling not quite enough chocolate at it….

But as I said, it was also Michael’s mum’s birthday too and I think she was expecting it to be a bit “meh”. But as it turned up, all the important people turned up to wish her happy birthday through the window – all co-ordinated so they didn’t meet and no-one coming into contact with anyone. She had a birthday cake made and delivered on the step by one of the visitors and then in the evening, we had a family facetime. She said it was lovely and much better than she had been expecting.

I really do hope I get to live to my 80s and still have a unique experience.

Lockdown has it good days and bad days and I have learned to live through both and just go with it. I hope you are ok if you are reading this and not having the best day, I can only tell you that tomorrow can be a clean slate..

Take everyone, stay safe and stay home

G x

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