Bye bye Couch|Short Thoughts

Bye bye Couch|Short Thoughts

Today is my 3rd of 4 days off work as I am in that position that I suspect most people are in, is that I am trying to use up some annual leave before I lose it.

The currenr situation is that I am sat on 1 of 2 camping chairs in our living which is looking decidedly empty. During lockdown we totally upgraded our kitchen and now our living room is currently waiting for a new sofa. By the way, is it just me that gets attached to inanimate objects? I’ve literally just hugged the sofa goodbye as we took it outside ready for it’s bulky rubbish collection. It originally we tried to donate it to the British Heart Foundation, but the collection was cancelled due to lockdown. But I digress… I have been very very fond of our couch as some people I love very much have sat on it.

This couch has lived a full life. It lived in 2 houses. I sat on it just before and just after we got married. It has held babies, dogs, Grans, friends, family members, tradespeople, and most importantly M & I for years and years. It has been comfortable to sit on and for years when either one of us was ill, it provided an alternative bed. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago and it propped me up whilst I recuperated as well as holding M up each time his shoulder bust.

So thanks couch….. 12 years old, now outside, covered in plastic, sent off with love.

G x

p.s. I know this post makes me sound crackers, but I honestly feel so grateful that I am even able to afford a couch. I never take this for granted. I am very lucky.

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