Can’t fit in a holiday? Go to plan B

Can’t fit in a holiday? Go to plan B

I recently decided that M and I needed a holiday, I was thinking it a weekend away would be great. But there were definite obstacles in our way:

  • We had a budget of <£250 for two nights
  • We have got several things going on over the next 6 weekends or so
  • The one weekend where we might be free, I have been asked to work late on Friday night

So what do to do? I have spent easily 4 nights searching places to stay that were within, pet friendly and no more than 2 hours away. Could I find something? Could I heck!

Sooooo, I have decided to have a weekend away, at home this weekend… which I know sounds odd, but it is possible. I find the only way to make it work though, is to almost “forget” I am at home. No domestic agenda, no washing or ticking anything off my “list”. I am, of course, talking about the “list” that most people have in their head of things that need doing. That list needs to buzz off for the weekend. Nicer food than normal and every time you leave the house, it has to be on an adventure. 💥

Our first adventure will be Formy Beach here:

So whilst this isn’t exactly a weekend in the Lake District, it’s pretty nice way to spend the weekend. Why not give it a go?

G x

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