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In the last few months my body had literally yelled at me “You are 45 and here are a few things to prove it!” One thing is the menopause and the other thing is that whilst I’ve had glasses for distance for about 17 years, I now also need glasses for reading. OK then.

For years though, I have been going to Specsavers in St Helens, but I am not going to lie their customer service is very hit and miss. It’s always VERY busy and sometimes the staff are great and others, not so much. St Helens has very much become a ghost town with all the major retailers pulling out of the town centre and to be honest, Specsavers was one of the few reasons we would still go in.

BUT… in my last visit the waits was long and customer service poor, so I decided to switch opticians. After an approximate 3 second search, I found out there was a Vision Express in a Tesco Superstore not that far from me, so I decided to give it a go.

My bulletted impression is as follows:

  • VERY small store
  • Helpful staff (although one had a dreadful cold which I was afeared to catch whilst she was talking to me)
  • Awful chair in the initial consultation room (I cut my ankle trying to move the very heavy chair closer to the apparatus).
  • Good consultation with the optician re: general eyesight
  • Texts to remind me of appointments are very helpful
  • Contact lens consultation was only ok.

So now I have multi-focal glasses AND contact lenses. It took me about 1.5 weeks to get used to the glasses as they have a slightly blurred aspect on the each side of the lens with a prescription on the top of the lens for distance with the reading prescription on the bottom. I think years ago, these types of glasses would have a separation line, but now it’s just a normal looking lens.

When I first wore my new specs, everything felt a bit “swimmy”. My eyes felt very tired at the end of each day and I really had to persevere not to revert back to my old glasses. But all the advice that I had been given and/or seen told me NOT to put my old glasses back on as it would take my eyes and brain longer to adjust. So as I said, it took me about a week and a half before I realised at the end of the day, my eyes didn’t feel tired and I hadn’t really noticed the fact that I was wearing them during the day.

It’s true that with multi-focal lenses that you have to position your eye in the lens which results in a little head bobbing at first, but eventually it becomes second nature.

I am now starting to also try out multifocal contact lenses and so far so good – although I have NO idea how they work.. literally none. I did ask the optician at Vision Express and he just shrugged and said that they just centred themselves. ?!?!?*

Anyway, if you are wondering whether or not to give them a go, then I would say go for it. Most opticians let you try them for a while and will give you a full refund if it turns out they aren’t for you. My M tried them a while a go and couldn’t get used to them, so he just took them back.

If you have tried any of the above, why not leave me a comment to say how you got on..

G x

p.s. I found this video on YouTube which explain how mutli-focal contact lenses work. It’s basically an advert, but it’s a good explanation.

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