Christmas Parties are My Nemesis

Christmas Parties are My Nemesis

I have talked about this a few times on my blog, but in case you are new, then I have a secret to reveal *leans in* – I don’t drink alcohol!! I don’t have  scary story of addiction or anything nearly that exciting, but I did drink until I was about 28, more often than not though, being the designated driver from about 26 onwards. 

As 28 my friend was staying with me and we had half a bottle of wine between us one night and I was up half the night feeling poorly. So I decided to stop, it just wasn’t worth it. I haven’t missed it once, so it was definitely the right decision and I haven’t had drop now for 16 years! 

I mention this as it’s one of the reasons why Christmas parties or Dos are really not my thing. I imagine it can’t just be me that doesn’t like Christmas Dos, so I thought I would put together a few reasons why it’s a 🙈 from me:

  1. I have for years worked at least 20 miles away from work and so the logistics of getting to and from a work outing are always a nightmare. If I take public transport I have to take the last train back on my own (not fun), but if I go in the car, it’s hard to know where to park as again, I usually have to walk back to the car by myself.
  2. I don’t drink, so at acertain time in every night, people have reached the point where they don’t notice the packed pushing  and shoving that occurs and my stone cold sober self really really does!
  3. I usually need to leave way before most other people do to get the last train or to walk back to my car at a reasonable hour, which means  I either have to practice my comedy tiptoe sneaking out technique OR hug every single person on the do and deal with 10-12 girls either telling me they love me asking me why I am leaving!
  4. As a non-drinker, I am sometimes expected to pitch in evenly for a mass restaurant food bill. Actually, it’s not that I am expected, it’s just that people don’t really get I am just drinking water. More than once, I have just paid way over the odds rather than trying to explain rationally to a person off their face on Jager Bombs why my bill should be £24 not £34! 
  5. If I do go out in my car, I am sometimes expected to give people lifts home. I am rarely asked directly, but mostly people shoot me hopeful looks when talking about cabs, or ask me, without context, “Are you driving?”.  Now I don’t mind giving people lifts at all, when it’s on my own terms, but I DO mind the expectation. 
  6. Lastly, I just don’t enjoy them as much as I did. Work’s dos especially can be a minefield of crying girls, indiscreet gossip and people looking sorrowfully at me at my lack of inebriation. It might be my age, but I doubt it = I just think that I love being at home, snuggled in my comfies, watching a good box-set. 

Just me? 

G x 

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