Coming off Twitter.

Coming off Twitter.

I have come off Twitter. I used to be @gilliblogs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (not that fussed on TikTok to be honest) but about a month ago, I deleted my Twitter account. For the last year or two I have found it less and less fun. Some people that I used to find funny have become quite political and watching The Social Network on Netflix placed the final seed of doubt in my mind which led me to hitting delete.

For me Twitter had become a place where people just argued with each other aimlessly, there is pointless virtue signalling and / or celebrities promoting things or retweeting compliments about themselves. Not for me.

I have to say though, Twitter hasn’t been all bad at all – quite a few of the people I know in my local town I know through Twitter and I have a couple of fab online friends that I met maybe 15 years ago, although I have never actually met them! Shout out to Pete (@itspetechapman) & Lewis (@LewisGaston)! Also as one of my wedding presents, M got me a personal email from someone on Twitter that I had admired for a while (I no longer follower her, she is one of the ones that was dead funny and now way too political).

I know that I will never go back to Twitter, I am a person that is either definitely “in” or definitely ”out” – so once I have made up my mind, then that is it. I am sure you are thinking that if it had been less fun for a couple of years, why did you wait till now to delete your account? You see, the thing is, I always hoped it would improve, but with Brexit, Trump and now the pandemic…. it just got worse and worse. So, see ya Twitter…. my head and health feel better for our breakup.

G x

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