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I hope that if you reading this, the answer to my questions “Could you sponsor me?” is Yes. You see, I am doing the Haydock Race for Life on Sunday which (if you didn’t know) is a 5k run/walk for Cancer Research Uk. I discovered Race for Life’s in 2004 when I lost my Grandad and in fact I have lost 3/4 grandparents to cancer and then of course my mum in 2015.

I am not a runner, but I do love a good walk and so taking part in the Race for Life means a great deal to me as it makes me feel like I am doing something.  Cancer may have taken far too many members of my family, but the more research we do, the more chance we have of it not taking any more. Times have changed, when I first started doing this, someone always knew someone that had been affected by cancer, but now it seems that everyone is affected. No exceptions and I would quite like this to change.

So if you know me, even on Twitter and would lend me fiver if I needed it – then please sponsor me, I really would, love you forever.

Thank you

Gill xxxxx

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