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So I thought I would write a post today to tell you how it’s going with Daisy. To remind you, we adopted Daisy from Cheshire Dogs home around Christmas time and she is a 7 year old Patterdale Terrier x-breed, originally from Romania. Daisy didn’t come to us with much history, other than her date of birth and the suspicion that she may have been a street dog.

However after we met her a couple of times at the rescue centre, she seemed so lovely and harmless that we decided to bring her home. She came to us with no toilet training or recall and they told us at the rescue that she has been out to foster once already, but had been returned as she had escaped.

But after us all living together for a month, we have slowly got used to her and she has got used to us. Her toilet training is going ok, we aren’t quite there yet, but it’s not too bad. I am going to write a whole separate post on what our experience has been trying to toilet train an adult rescue dog, but for now, I am really pleased with her progress.

Her recall (coming when her name is called) is getting better, but we still aren’t brave enough to let her off the lead. I have it in the back of my mind that she had already escaped from a previous owner and I would be devastated if she ran off 😳

She is eating great though and we’ve opted for a Wainwrights mature wet food with a sprinkling of dry in the evening. We actually feed her twice a day and this schedule seems to be working out great.

One thing about Daisy is that she is an older dog and for whatever reason, she won’t or doesn’t know how to play. I suspect she hasn’t been taught to or been around other dogs that play. She seems very content to chill out and her most favourite thing to do is go for a walk. She gets very giddy the minute we get her lead or harness out and it’s such a joy to see her so happy.

We have settled into a good exercise routine, which is a 30-40 minute walk in a morning with the same again in the evening. For days that we aren’t at home during the day, we are making use of a brilliant dog walking service, which I have on good authority, Daisy loves. It’s another great way to get her some exercise and socialisation as she also gets walked with other dogs, which is brilliant.

But by far, the favourite thing that we have done with her so far, is take her to the nearby Dog’s Country Club. This is a local business that has lots of secure fields where dogs can go for off-lead play. As Daisy can’t be let off the lead yet on walks, this has been BRILLIANT and even more so as the off-lead sessions are broken down by either dog breed or sizes and so we take Daisy to the small breeds session.

We have actually been this afternoon and there were about 20 or so small dogs from Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Bichon Frise and even another Patterdale Terrier. Just so many doggos. They are only allowed in if they are social dogs, so it’s a happy, waggy, tickly, run aroundy time for all. There is even tea and coffee for the hoomans. Best £5 ever!

But overall I think it’s going ok, I noticed today whilst we were in the melee of dogs at the country club, Daisy was looking for us every so often, which is a good sign and hopefully she now thinks of us as her pack. ❤

We have also signed up for a Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award, which is an 8 week course at the country club which should help us with lots of good behaviours for her. I can’t wait. 🐶🐶🐶

Actually though, looking after Daisy is just so easy. She is a very chilled dog who doesn’t make any noise. She hasn’t barked ONCE in 4 weeks and she barely cries. When I tell people this, most say I should count my blessings!! She loves a sofa cuddle and her crate for sleeping in at night. 💕

It took us SO long to find a dog to come and join our family, but Daisy is the one and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

G x

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