1 whole year of Daisy | Pupdate

1 whole year of Daisy | Pupdate

How is it 1 year since this delightfully little doggy entered our lives? To give you a little re-cap, we adopted her from Cheshire Dogs Home a few days before Christmas in 2018. It was such a rocky journey throughout 2018 to try and find a dog for our family, but when we met Daisy, everything just fell into place.

She is a very very quiet dog, almost silent in that she hardly ever barks and doesn’t cry at all. She’s not entirely silent though as in her sleep she snores like an overweight grandad and then perhaps 5-6 times in the whole of 2019, she has done a tiny little bark when she hears us moving around upstairs in a morning and she is downstairs waiting for us.

She has been fairly easy to train as she is VERY food orientated. We took her to a Kennel Club Class at a local Dog Training place called The Dogs Country Club and it was BRILLIANT. We learned Sit, Stay, Recall, Door Control and basic lead walking. The course was 8 weeks and we loved it. Daisy got little food rewards every time she did anything right and she was SUCH a good student because of this!

House training initially went really well and she was probably completely house trained within a month of us getting her, with her being 80% trained within about 2 weeks. This did leave us to believe that she had perhaps lived with someone back in Romania and hadn’t always (if ever) been a street dog.

However, the house training thing has hit a bump in the road as at the end of August we noticed that Daisy was drinking more than normal. We took her to the vets and what followed was a horrible waiting game that included some VERY expensive test and horrendous waits, to find out that Daisy has Cushings disease. Thankfully it isn’t fatal, and can be treated with medication.

But this does mean that Daisy’s excessive thirst means that she can’t hold in all the pee 😒 The vet told us this was to be expected and even now, a few months later, the medication balance isn’t quite right and she is still having accidents. We have decided to manage the symptoms for now and as she always seemed to pee in the same place, we bought a few washable pee pads and she she uses them if she can’t hold it. Not ideal, but manageable…

We have also taken Daisy away on 2 x holidays this year, with varying levels of success as it turns out Daisy isn’t a natural adventurer. Our 1st trip was to the Lake District and after an active day on Day 1, Daisy was too tired on the Day 2 to really do anything and in addition, she wasn’t keen on the hotel and peed on the carpet – more than once…. oops 😳

Our second trip was a week in Anglesey at our beloved and regular holiday haunt near Llangefni. Daisy had just had her tests to diagnose her Cushings and had to wear a medical vest to shield her stitches. Daisy again was really uncomfortable in new surroundings and only started to settle mid-week. She peed everytime we left her and there was really nothing we could do about it. But this trip was slightly more successful as we took Daisy on some lovely little walks (we learned from the 1st trip to pace ourselves) and visited some beautiful beaches. We took her crate and her comfy cushion with us and that helped loads.

Daisy isn’t an energetic dog and in fact will happily sleep for about 18 hours every day. She does love a walk, but not for more than an hour and in the warm weather, even less than that. She favours a couple of shorter walks rather than one long one and thankfully, she is great off lead as she doesn’t really run anywhere and comes back when she is called. She has always walked quite close to us and her favourite thing is to sniff every single inch of ground, foliage and wall.

From very early on we have used a dog walker during the day when if we are out at work and he takes her on group walks with 5-6 other dogs. This really helped her socialisation and has meant that she is fine with other dogs. Every now and again if a dog is too pushy with her on the park, she will grumbly growl at them, but that’s about it.

Daisy is such a sweetheart and the waggiest dog I have ever met. She wags her tail every time she sees either M or I, every time there is food or anything wonderful going on. She also, quite randomly, loves my singing. A few months ago I was upstairs getting ready for something and singing away to myself (as you do) and M said that when Daisy heard me, she started wagging. She does it now, if I am singing to myself, she wags and comes over for a cuddle. Cutest, thing ever!

Daisy was 7 when we got her and hopefully she will be with us for a few more years yet. I love having her around, I love walking her and I love being her friend. She is a very quiet and shy dog when you first meet her, she won’t jump up or shower you with kisses, but when she gets to know you, she will love you forever…..

I will be forever grateful to Cheshire Dogs home for helping us adopt her and for Daisy for choosing us for her retirement.

Happy Christmas! 🎄

G x

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