Daisy’s Illness Update| Blogtober 4

Daisy’s Illness Update| Blogtober 4

So after my little jaunt to Cornwall this week, I thought I would spend today chilling out and in today’s blog, I would give you a little update on how our dog Daisy is getting on.

You may have seen if you follow my social media that at the end of August and the beginning of September I noticed Daisy was drinking more than normal and booked her in at our local vets. We were told that she could potentially had a deadly disease she would have caught from a sandfly back in Romania (her home country).

A few tests revealed that she DIDN’T have the disease, but she did have a poorly liver. One biopsy later and a few MORE tests later we got the news whilst we were away in Anglesey that her liver issues were benign and reversible!! Huge sigh of relief. However the vet told us that the liver disease was secondary and that we had to do another test to find out whether or not she had cushings disease. And it turned out, she does.

So, what does this mean? Cushings Disease is apparently common in older dogs and is the overproduction of Cortisol in the body. All of which is explained brilliantly in this post by the Blue Cross. According to our vet, there is no cure for this, but it can be controlled with medication, a little like Diabetes. This time, the sigh of relief was so big, when I got the call with the good news, I burst into tears. 😭

So we are now embarking on a new regime of medication twice a day for Daisy, which she is thankfully ok with taking. She is basically a scavenger for food, so as long as she takes it with food, then she’s happy. She really did have us worried though and I couldnt be more grateful that what she has isnt life threatening.

Hopefully she will be with us for a long whilst yet.

G x

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