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So after my weigh in on Tuesday, I was disappointed with just a -0.5lbs loss. This is not my first time trying to lose weight, in fact, it’s not even my 4th or 5th time, so I have dealt with this many times before. Previously, I have dealt with my perceived “failure” with food and when I say food, I mean chocolate. My brain basically goes “F*ck it”, Cadburys Dairy Milk will make me feel better.

Which it did, temporarily and then it would just make me feel guilty. Which would make me feel worse, which would further derail my weight loss efforts. Sound familiar?

You see, being a chronic over eater for me is almost like being an addict. Eating food in quantity gives me a mini buzz, good food tastes good and eating it is a delight. I have a sweet tooth, in fact a VERY sweet tooth and so comfort food to me is anything made by Cadbury.

So this week when I came out of my Weight Watchers meeting, I was feeling all deflated but also this time, I felt like I didn’t want to cave. So I sat in the car and literally waited for the knee-jerk reaction for comfort food to pass, which honestly took about 10 minutes. I then drove home and have been making healthy choices ever since.

So I need to remember the next time that I want to reach for the metaphorical whiskey bottle, that if I just wait 5 minutes, then it might pass.


G x

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