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Do you live a life without Music?

To be honest, to me this is a very weird question to ask. So, “Do you live a life without Music?”. I was born in the 70s and lived in a house with a mum who preferred music and the radio over the TV. My mum had her formative years in the 60s and saw The Beatles and Cliff Richard live before they were the pop legends we know them as today.

When I was little we had a radiogram, which for those of you who aren’t enjoying their mid forties, looked something like this:

It was a record player and ours had a handy compartment to store your 45” records too. Then in the 80s we moved onto a stacking hi-fi which had a double tape deck (fancy), radio, and a record player on top. I had many many hours listening to all types of music on this monster of a thing and I loved it!

When I became a teenager I bought my first single from Woolworths. I actually can’t remember exactly what it was, but I have a vague recollection it might have been The Pointer Sisters or Sister Sledge. I then became that classic 80s/90s girls that recorded the charts diligently, first to listen to at home and then in the car once I could drive. I became obsessed with a radio station called Atlantic 252, which seems to have the best music – back then Radio 1 was a bit Smashy and Nicey – not really my thing.

I started work at 16 and so going to gigs was something I was lucky enough to be able to afford for an earlyish age. I have always loved Soul, R&B and hip hop, but have been to gigs from a few other genres too. Over the last 20 years I have seen Prince, both Destiny’s Child AND Beyoncé, Def Leppard, Hearsay, Jay-Z, both Janet AND Michael Jackson and my all time favourite, Justin Timberlake but to name a few.

Having gone through the CD and buying digital music days, I now use Spotify to listen to any and all music. Not a day goes by where I don’t listen to something and it’s become a running joke that whenever M leaves our home office to go and do something, I immediately put on some loud music!! He loves music too, but it can be distracting and I just love to let at least 1 song energise me at much too loud a volume!

The title of this blog is “Do you live a life without music?” And that’s because some people in my life do. I was brought up in and continue to live in a household where music is a constant. But there are people in my life where the radio never gets turned on and music isn’t something that is regularly listened to or enjoyed. I find this tremendously odd. I know if they are asked about music they casually reference a bit of classical, but basicallly they aren’t that bothered. I once was in the car with them and some Stevie Wonder came on, I was singing along and I was asked who it was, when I told them they replied, “oh I think I’ve heard of him”. Blew my mind that they weren’t really sure who Soul legend Stevie Wonder was?!? 😩

So – do you live your life without music – or are you a music lover??

G x

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