Dogfest 2019 | Pupdate

Dogfest 2019 | Pupdate

I have never been to a festival, Glastonbury and the like has never appealed to me, all the mud and grubby portaloos. No thanks. However, add in 1,000s of dogs, then YES PLEASE!!

Today we have been to DogFest which is basically a festival for dogs! Also, NO, I’m not kidding! There are 3 a year, with one of them being in the North West of England at Tatton Park here:

I bought tickets a while ago and this morning when we rocked up about 20 minutes before the gates opened, there were probably already 50-100 people queing to get in! The gates opened at 9:30am and by that time there were another 50 people waiting and when I said “people” I mean dog owners and their dogs. Every single person that we saw had a dog with them and it was GLORIOUS!

There was lots going on and even appearances by TV presenter Claire Balding and Noel “Super Vet” Fitzpatrick at various points during the day.

There were hundreds of stalls selling most things you could want for a canine friend as well as A Big Top, Flyball, Dog Agility, Hay bale races, Puppy training, Main Stage and a Show Ring.

People were walking round with the biggest smiles on their faces just marvelling at the wide variety of dogs shapes, sizes and breeds with hardly a growl between them.

Tatton is a HUGE park, so even though it was very busy, it never felt too cramped or claustrophobic. M and I have been to both Crufts and The Good Food Show at the NEC a few years ago but after a couple of hours both events felt much too crammed and stuffy. Not this event though, being outside definitely helped.

All the stall holders were in great moods and we even said hello to Reach Sled Dogs who appear in my Newton Town Show Video from 2016!

Daisy herself can sometimes get a bit timid in new situations and she is definitely not great in crowds where she is too “closed in”. She tends to jump up to me when she’s not feeling to comfortable, so I give he a little cuddle to reassure her everything is ok. Bless her.

Another cool thing we did was say hello to the lovely people at Cheshire Dogs Home (where we adopted Daisy from) who had a stall there and Daisy got a lovely cuddle from one of the Volunteers. She bent down, tickled Daisy’s head and said “You’ve fallen on your feet” and then looked at us and said “I’m talking to you guys”!! So right 😍

We finished our day by revisiting one of the first stalls we saw when we arrived as we got Daisy some well deserved treats. What an AWESOME day. Very well organised, lots of interesting things to see and do and SOOO many dogs to cuddle and look at. M said he would have liked slightly more variety in the stalls (we saw a million stalls selling leads and collars) but otherwise I would give it 9/10. Fantastic day out.


p.s. we timed our visit perfectly as 10 minutes after we left, the heavens opened! Phew.

p.p.s Daisy has been inspecting the inside of her eyelids in her new collar ever since we got home!

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