Easter Break?


I don’t know about you, but I love a countdown! So as I write this post I have 2 more days to work before I have 4 lovely days off. It is of course Easter weekend, which means that all work is cancelled whilst the Christians of this world celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Religion isn’t my thing, but if it get’s me a long weekend, then it’s got my vote!

We don’t have any major plans for the weekend, but we are hoping to walk the Newton Heritage Trail again, weather permitting, and then maybe a walk a little further afield. I used to always, even as a grown woman, get an Easter Egg from my mum & dad, but since mum died, then not so much. I do though, invariably get an egg or something from my mother-in-law, but even this year, that will be different as due to my diagnosis as lactose intolerance, I can’t do milk chocolate, so that’s a bust too.

But I am not too down and I am sure my waist size will benefit from the lack of chocolate and I am really just looking forward to a break. In fact over the next few months we have got quite a few lovely breaks and things to look forward to.

It’s M’s birthday in a few weeks, for which we are both off for a couple of days follow quickly by my mother-in-law’s birthday. At the end of May it’s M’s middle sister turns 50 and we are all off to the Lake District, which will be lovely. There are of course 2 x bank holiday’s in May, which makes for a few weeks where there will be more down time than work – which works for me!

Then of course at the end of June it’s my birthday and our lovely friend Elizabeth is visiting us from the USA and we really can’t wait!!! Lovely times to come!

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